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Food. Service. Solutions.

More than 40 years ago, our founders created Nutrition Systems to provide Registered Dietitians and Food Service Specialists for healthcare communities through the Southeastern United States. Working shoulder to shoulder with providers and residents, our experts gained unique perspective into the challenges they face. Our greatest insight is that systems do not stand alone but are part of an integrated whole. We know that menus do not succeed without order guide management and contract development, that inventory control is as vital as staff development, and that easy-to-access and accurate resident information makes everything work. This knowledge, gathered over decades of service, has allowed our company, now called the NS Group, to develop tools that empower our communities to achieve the highest levels of excellence.

Today, The NS Group has grown beyond our origins in healthcare and beyond an exclusive focus on Dining Service. Our mission to provide programs that facilitate the regulatory, budgetary and residential goals of our partners has expanded to include all aspects of a community’s needs. Still standing shoulder to shoulder with our providers, we continue to grow and to learn.