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Our programs are geared toward communities that are seeking to enhance dining services and strengthen budget control oversight. The primary goal is to optimize cost savings while increasing resident satisfaction and standardizing procedures across all communities.

Understanding the demands placed on dining service, the NS Group attempts to balance the introduction of new services and procedures while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations. Participation in the Nutrition Systems Menu & Compliance Program is covered by the cost of food. This pricing structure captures the entire program cost within your budgeted PPD all while meeting client and community preferences. Through this arrangement in place, members are able to optimize current spending and create consistency of practices.

Customization and response to member needs are core values for the NS Group. Our services are not limited to what is included below. As conversations continue, we will continue to customize our programs to provide any member with the best outcomes.

Core Program Services

Customized Menu, Consulting and Budgetary Compliance Program

  • Customized menus sets
  • Weekly summary of meals at a glance
  • Alternative selections
  • Therapeutic diet modifications
  • Pre-preparation guides
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Purchasing Requirement reports
  • Web-based recipes
  • Production Sheets (available on request)
  • Food and Nutrition Services Consulting via RDs and CDMs
    • Scheduled visits from Registered Dietitians
    • Timely response to requests for assistance between visits
    • Routine in-service training program for staff
    • Policy and procedure development
    • Food service director training and certification assistance
    • Interim department management

Purchasing Services and Ordering Platform through DSSI

  • Customized order guides and product management
  • Enhanced real-time reporting
  • Automated budget alerts

Training & Oversight by Dedicated Account Management

  • Dedicated Corporate Contact
  • Scheduled Corporate Management Reviews
    • Facility performance evaluation and reporting
    • Notification of corrective actions being taken
    • Discussion of corporate support if requested
  • Facility training and program maintenance
    • Routine facility communication
    • Inspection and accountability of program usage
  • Order Guide Management
    • Optimization of Forum Contract Usage
    • Management and coordination of locked-down order guide

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