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Leading Innovation: The NS Group Introduces Mississippi’s First Assisted Living Dining Robot at Peach Tree Village

Feb 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

At The NS Group, we’re committed to driving innovation across a diverse range of industries, including senior care. Our recent collaboration with Peach Tree Village in Brandon, Mississippi marks a significant milestone – the introduction of Mississippi’s first dining robot in an assisted living facility. But what truly sets this innovation apart is not just the technology itself; it’s how we’ve leveraged our expertise and connections to make it happen. 

Through our extensive network and procurement solutions, we identified an opportunity to enhance dining services at Peach Tree Village. Drawing on our partnership with DSSI, a trusted leader in procurement, we facilitated the acquisition process for the cutting-edge dining robot, paving the way for improved efficiency and resident satisfaction. 

Bringing Innovation to Life 

From concept to implementation, The NS Group played a pivotal role in making the dining robot a reality at Peach Tree Village. Our collaboration with DSSI and Bear Robotics, a leader in innovative technology, ensured seamless integration and maximum benefit for residents and staff alike. The Servi robot represents a cutting-edge solution designed to improve service delivery within senior living communities, navigating autonomously and performing tasks such as food running, bussing, and patrolling. Its ability to carry multiple trays at once enhances efficiency, ensuring that residents receive their meals promptly and without compromise. Residents at Peach Tree Village now enjoy smoother dining experiences, with Servi robots optimizing operational workflows and reducing wait times.  

Empowering Human Connection 

With the introduction of the Servi dining robot at Peach Tree Village, our focus remains on preserving the human connection that defines quality care. While the robot handles meal transportation tasks, staff members are able to spend more time engaging with residents, fostering meaningful connections and personalized interactions. This innovative technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also enhances the resident experience by allowing staff to provide more engaging and personalized service.   


Leading through Innovation 

As pioneers in procurement and consulting services across various industries, The NS Group is proud to have played a role in bringing this groundbreaking technology to Peach Tree Village. Our partnership exemplifies our dedication to empowering facilities with innovative solutions that drive success and exceed expectations, regardless of the industry. 

We firmly believe in the transformative power of innovation to enhance the lives of those we serve. By spearheading initiatives like the introduction of dining robots at Peach Tree Village, we’re not just setting new standards for assisted living facilities; we’re driving progress and prosperity for our clients and communities. Join us as we continue to pioneer revolutionary solutions across all sectors, shaping the future of senior care and beyond. 


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