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Operations SOS: Your Dietary Management Distress Signal 

In the fast-paced world of dietary management, problems can quickly escalate from urgent to emergency. That’s where Operations SOS comes in – it’s your signal for help, your distress call when you’re facing challenges that need immediate attention. 

Are you constantly putting out fires in your food and dining service department? 

  • Are staffing issues causing chaos in your kitchen?
  • Is compliance slipping through the cracks, putting your facility at risk?
  • Do budget constraints leave you scrambling to make ends meet?

At The NS Group, we understand the urgency of your situation. Our Operations SOS service is designed to provide immediate assistance when you’re facing dietary management challenges that require swift action. Problems can go from urgent to emergency very quickly, so NOW is the time to reach out. 

How We Can Help

  • Rapid Response Team: Our experts, including Registered Dietitians, Certified Dietary Managers, Executive Chefs, and procurement specialists are ready to jump into action to address your staffing, compliance, and budgeting issues, providing solutions that deliver results.
  • Emergency Training and Certification Support: If your dining services manager dietary manager is struggling or needs certification, we offer intensive training programs to get them up to speed quickly.
  • Crisis Management Solutions: From navigating survey citations to managing operational crises, we’ll help you tackle any challenge head-on.
Brady Taylor, RDN, LD

Brady Taylor, RDN, LD

Senior Vice-President of Consulting President of Brummit & Associates

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